Bright future for south’s media industry

I felt like I met the future last night. No, it wasn’t a scary dream where some disaster has affected earth and I’m the only person who has miraculously survived.

It was the S4R Creative Student Awards in Southampton where I met some amazing students looking to head into the world of media.

There were students from courses ranging from film to audio, media and marketing – and all with one eye already on what the future holds for them.

I had the privilege of presenting one of the special awards and there’s no doubt that Jack Salvadori, a first year student at Royal Holloway University of London, was thrilled with his award in the video animation category.

The Solutions 4 Recruitment Creative Student Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate creative talent across the UK and attracts entries from across the south, and further afield.

Students and their tutors alike were thrilled their work was recognised by the awards which are a great way to encourage the next generation of media professionals to showcase their work.

But what was also great was the enthusiasm from the students to talk to those of us already in the industry, quiz us on opportunities and generally let us know they are out there and hungry for work experience, university visits and live briefs.

And it wasn’t just the winners taking advantage of the networking opportunities – plenty of students there had seen that Solutions 4 Recruitment had assembled a great range of industry professionals from the very areas that these students want to study.

Some had come prepared to showcase their work on a tablet, others were keen to ask about our work at Lee Peck Media, our clients and how their newly developed talents could be used in the workplace.

They are acutely aware that their time at university will fly and they need to do everything now to be prepared to secure their first job in the media world.

I look forward to hearing more from the students and working with local universities to help the next generation be ready for the challenges ahead.

Alyson Marlow

Manging director

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