How Harry and Meghan helped our clients share the spotlight

Even the most casual students of the media will have noticed the wedding of Harry and Meghan this week. It was one of those rare events that got everybody talking. The local papers featured street parties – the BBC broadcast a wedding special for a full five hours.

The world’s press showcased UK Plc as the perfect venue for fairytales which do come true. Even Brexit was dragged into the proceedings as if the occasion was somehow living proof of our independence from Europe and evidence of our ability to command the world’s stage (and let’s be honest nobody does it better!).

And so it was the wedding of the year that gave us at Lee Peck Media an opportunity to showcase what we do best – newsjacking.

Newsjacking is a technique which requires a high level of journalistic ability, confidence and a fascination with being completely up to the minute.

In short we identify a news story in one sector and examine how we can relate it to one of our clients, write compelling content and then gain positive coverage for them by piggybacking on the original. Still with me? Good.

Newsjacking can be hugely effective and demonstrates that a company is topical, progressive and can move quickly.

Happily Harry and Meghan helped us deliver for two of our clients: a new arrival to our portfolio The Royal Maritime Club, a hotel in Portsmouth and established heavyweight developers Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes.

For the Royal Maritime Club we acted quickly and caught the mood of a week of celebrations as you’ll see from this piece. The coverage was outstanding and positioned the hotel as a charity of substantial heritage while at the same time offering great accommodation and value for money for tourists and business people alike.

For Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes we had a bit of fun and, on our website Daily Property News, suggested that if the Royal couple was looking for a residence in their adopted county of Sussex then we had the perfect selection of new homes for them to view.

Wonderfully tongue in cheek I agree… and the story, which you can see here, generated huge web traffic from Facebook and projected our client as warm, approachable and current. Crucially the story led to genuine enquiries from more – shall we say – realistic purchasers. No offence!

Newsjacking at its best – and hugely satisfying for all concerned!

  • Lee Peck


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