Jade dives into PR world

Rob da Bank Sailing Week

I spent two weeks working with Lee Peck Media. This PR agency is located in a beautiful area, called Ocean Village.

On my first day, I was welcomed by the whole team. They made me feel at ease really quickly and I knew I would have a great time during the following two weeks.

I learnt that two big events were about to take place at Southampton on my first week of placement: Southampton Sailing Week, and Common People. This promised to be interesting and fun!

I attended a media call, organised by Lee Peck Media, to promote Southampton Sailing Week and Common People, with Laura Downton, Rob da Bank, Chris Rees and some journalists. We all hoped on board a Sunsail yacht.

It was really interesting to see how a media call works and to hear some of the questions asked by journalists.

Later, I participated to the filming of a video for Carabao, an energy drink, at a Central Convenience Store.

This was so much fun! I had never attended a filming before and this was the opportunity for me to see how much importance is given to detail. For instance the words used were chosen carefully and the elements of the setting had to be flawless.

Here is some of the work I did throughout the following weeks:

  • Writing two weeks of Instagram captions for The Daily Property News, Instagram account
  • Creating a wireframe for Enviromena website
  • Looking for information about some companies
  • Finding forums and blogs about interior design

I spent two amazing weeks working at Lee Peck Media and I was glad to work with such a nice team.

Jade Arturd

Southampton Solent University

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