Lee Peck Media re-packages golf for the 21st century

Lee Peck Media has brought its full range of skills together to develop and launch a revolutionary new way of playing golf.

In a special zone branded Pace Golf exclusive to our client Chilworth Golf Centre – on the outskirts of Southampton – players can play 9 holes in 90 minutes to help golf fit into their busy schedules.

In partnership with the Golf Centre, Lee Peck Media was responsible for developing the concept; branding and designing the marketing collateral.

A coordinated media relations campaign, embracing social media, ensured the message was broadcast far and wide, both on and offline.

BBC TV was on hand to film the launch complete with a drone to give a bird’s eye view of proceedings as the first players looked to pick up the pace.

Chilworth golf professional Dean Harrison said: “The ambition is for 9-90 to become a short hand term used by golfers everywhere like 20-20 is in cricket.”

The golf centre has allocated the back nine as the Pace Golf zone. Golfers can chose from three time zones: breakfast, lunch and early evening. This allows those players who want to enjoy a more leisurely round of 18 holes to play unhindered.

“We remain committed to the traditional game,” said Dean. “We simply want the great game of golf to appeal to a wider audience.  Our research reveals something that we all recognise – that many people today are time poor – what with work, bringing up a family and other interests. We also know that the perception of golf is that it takes all day to play.

“With Pace Golf we are giving people the opportunity to play golf the way they want to. The 90 minute time frame is important: it’s the length of a game of football, a session at the gym or a game of tennis … so people can get their heads around the fact that they can enjoy golf in a timely fashion.”

Dean added: “One of our most important innovations is that we will allocate a tracker to each game so our marshals in the club house can monitor progress and ensure a smooth pace.”

As an added incentive Chilworth Golf is offering a three month trial period of 9-90 for £90. Those interested are asked to call the centre on 02380 740544.

Lee Peck director of Lee Peck Media said: “As a golf addict, this was the dream project to work on. Chilworth is my local course and the guys came to us with the challenge of innovating this great game. 9-90 was born out if the fact that I love my golf but don’t often have time to play 18 holes. Research shows I’m not alone.

We will all be monitoring progress with interest!”



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