TEDx Southampton

Momentum gathers for city’s landmark event

Momentum is gathering for TEDxSouthampton with a date set for Tuesday October 12th. The speakers have been chosen, sponsors secured, and the stage is set at the Southampton Harbour Hotel, which will be hosting this landmark event.

Lee Peck, the License Holder and Co-Curator of TEDxSouthampton, said:  “The response to holding a TEDx event in our city has been fantastic.  This all-day event will feature creative, thought-provoking inspiration around our theme of Human to Human Connection in all its forms and includes a focus on Innovation, connectedness and personal potential.”

“We are particularly delighted to announce our sponsors.  Lead sponsor is Aura Technology, which delivers proactive IT services for businesses. Legal sponsor is major law firm BDB Pitmans with offices in London, Cambridge, Reading and Southampton. Performance sponsor is Southampton’s world class Mayflower Theatre, the fourth largest in the UK and venue sponsor is the award-winning Southampton Harbour Hotel, the city’s only five-star hotel. All our sponsors’ support is invaluable, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them personally.”

TEDxSouthampton Co-curator Annelies James said:  “Featuring 12 hand-picked speakers and performers who seek to inspire and create discussion around all elements of our theme, the topics have never been more relevant as the pandemic has engulfed the world. We’ll be asking some important questions like how can we embrace our personal capital and be more vulnerable, showcasing our human side? How can we challenge ourselves, overcome adversity and champion our own growth and potential? How can we recognise and tap into the greatness that comes from being human?”

”From the response we’ve had, we’ve proved there’s a huge appetite for the event. The local business community as well as individuals are keen to collaborate, drive this event forward and give the city another reason to stand out.”

Lee Peck added: “As we’ve demonstrated with our support so far, the event will be a superb vehicle for sponsors too so if there are any more interested parties then please get in touch with me. We can put packages together for all budgets.”

He added: “More than anything we’re thrilled to be staging this unique event to create some positivity as the country emerges from the pandemic.  Southampton is a great city and deserves to be showcased and the talent put onto an International stage. TEDx is an incredible platform and I feel this would give people an opportunity to make their mark, give back and foster a really positive outcome for themselves, the attendees and the wider audience.”

For more details visit: https://tedxsoton.com/