Agency reaps health benefits of heart challenge

Staff at Lee Peck Media are reaping the health benefits of taking part in the trial of a brand-new health project.

Employees from the agency have been taking part in the Wessex Heartbeat 12 Week Healthy Heart Challenge this summer. The initiative, from Lee Peck Media Client Wessex Heartbeat, aims to improve cardiac health through achievable weekly challenges.

Over the last three months staff from Lee Peck Media have been tasked with everything from drinking more water and going for regular walks to doing 50 press ups a day.

And, following a health check from Wessex Heartbeat at OVIC at the end of the challenge, the team is celebrating some great results.

Lee Peck lost an impressive nine pounds, reducing his BMI along with his cholesterol and blood sugar levels. “I’m delighted to say I have lost more than half a stone and gone down a waist size but more importantly I genuinely feel as if I am well on the way to making substantial and crucially sustainable changes to my diet which is, after all, the point of the exercise,” he said.

Other members of the Lee Peck Media team are also counting the benefits of the challenge, with a reduction in weight and cholesterol across the board.

Account director Laura Downton said: “The fact that it’s been small, incremental changes every week has made it an easy challenge to stick to. We’ve all made life-long changes as a result of the challenge, which is something to be proud of.”

Wessex Heartbeat is planning on running a second 12 week challenge for the public following this summer’s pilot scheme.

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  • A big thanks to OVIC for use of its office space for Lee Peck Media’s health checks.