National Cycle to Work Day 2018 – inspiring us to saddle up

On Cycle to Work Day, we thought we’d share our own stories of how we left our cars at home and jumped on the saddle to work instead!

National Cycle to Work Day is the UK’s biggest one-day celebration of cycling to work. This year it takes place on Wednesday 15 August and gives people a reason, whether they’re a keen cycler (not us!) or just fancy giving cycling to work a go (yep, that sounds more like us!) and inspires a more environmentally-friendly and healthier way to commute. Everyone taking part can pledge the miles they will cycle – we’ve pledged ours!

Here are our stories:

Hannah – Getting back on the bike after years of avoidance

That’s right – I have finally got myself back on a bike! It’s been a long time coming but I’ve now completed my first cycle to work and I WILL be hitting the pedals again soon!

After passing my cycling proficiency test at, probably not much older than 10, I loved to get on my bike and cycle to and from school and to friends’ houses, but over the years I have just got out the habit. And the more I haven’t ridden, the more I’ve felt nervous about it and have avoided that ‘dreaded’ biking experience.

Chatting to colleagues in the run up to Cycle to Work day however, I decided, at the grand old age of 38, that now is the time to get back on that saddle. I can introduce some much-needed exercise into my ever increasingly busy day, I can save money on petrol and parking, and I can also do my own bit for the environment.

My first experience back on the bike and back on the roads was nerve-wracking at times but I enjoyed it! And surprisingly, most of all to me, I WILL be cycling to work again!

Alyson – loving the feeling of a bike ride

A cycle was my default mode of transport as a child. I’d cycle miles every day and the summer holidays were certainly spent cycling around. Then of course cars came on the scene and the bike was resigned to the shed.

Fast forward about 20 years and I got a new bike to get fit for a motoring event I was doing and I really enjoyed being back in the saddle.

Then I was persuaded that triathlons were the way forward and bought a road bike which I love. I was never going to set the word alight but enjoyed the variety of events.

But this year the idea of cycling to work has really taken hold and I’ve taken the plunge.

The road bike was OK for commuting but my handling skills and confidence are not great on the road so after a bit of research and talking to colleagues who cycle to work regularly a hybrid bike was suggested as my best commuting options.

The company signed up to Cyclescheme and I’m now the proud owner of a Trek hybrid and have joined the increasing number of people cycling to work.

It’s a hilly 11.5 mile route and I cycle at least once a week when I don’t need a car for work.

I know I’m going to be a bit of a fair weather cyclist but this summer has really provided us with some great cycling weather and I’m loving the feeling of arriving at work after a great cycle.

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