Topicality gives Lee Peck Media the cutting edge


Topicality is a watchword at Lee Peck Media and it’s this which gives the agency a cutting edge when it comes to achieving high quality editorial coverage for its clients.

Nowhere is it better illustrated than today’s Budget. Managing director Alyson Marlow said: “Even before Philip Hammond rose to his feet in the House of Commons, we had assessed which of our clients would benefit most from commenting on the Chancellor’s announcements.”

The agency’s senior management are all experienced journalists and familiar with hitting deadlines. Alyson said: “News outlets want to hear a broad range of reaction to the Budget as soon as possible and by having a dedicated team following the Chancellor’s speech minute by minute we are able to produce content with a quick turnaround. Early indications of what may be featured gives us the opportunity to be prepared. This enables our clients to take full advantage of the moment.

“This method of working isn’t confined to set pieces. Each day we scour the news media for stories and articles which would give our clients a platform to present their services or expertise. For instance there could be a change in employment law – often perfect for a comment from Trethowans, the firm of solicitors we represent or something in the motoring sector for Hendy and cyber security issues are popular for Taylor Made Computer Solutions. Equally, linking a client to seasonal stories can be an extremely productive source of coverage. Our expertise allows our clients to be involved in conversations –  online, print and broadcast – about anything from Valentine’s Day to Christmas.”

Alyson, a professional journalist with 25 years’ experience, said: “What is particularly satisfying is owning our own property website – Daily Property News – which means we can publish our own news. I’m delighted to report that we were one of the first media outlets announcing the Chancellor’s Christmas present for first time buyers.”

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