UK cyber security leader appoints Lee Peck Media

UK cyber security business Beyond Encryption has appointed Lee Peck Media to deliver its worldwide PR.

Beyond Encryption provides a military-grade secure email communications platform called Mailock. The encryption service protects sensitive information sent by email, extending into instant messaging and documentation.

Since the first email systems surfaced nearly 50 years ago usage has grown exponentially, with more than 240 billion emails sent daily across the world. A huge 86% of professionals name email as their favoured communication method.

Beyond Encryption’s Mailock service enables the user to benefit from the complex world of encryption in a simple and user-friendly environment. Senders can authenticate their intended recipient’s identity as well as ensure that no other party can intercept the communication, all using their existing systems and email addresses.

Aside from preventing unwanted interception, senders can also track when messages have been opened, revoke message access if mistakes are made and benefit from a full audit trail of delivery – Digital Recorded Delivery®.

Companies that send confidential information electronically are often unwittingly breaching the Data Protection Act which, since the introduction of GDPR, can result in huge fines.

Paul Holland, CEO of Beyond Encryption, said: “We are at the forefront of a new revolution as the world wakes up to the fact that sending unsecured emails leaves the user totally vulnerable to cyber theft and hacking. There have been numerous well-publicised cases of companies that have become victims of cyber terrorism and it’s our duty to educate and help companies to protect themselves. Our message is vitally important and Lee Peck Media has a long track record of delivering world-class results across all media platforms.”

Lee Peck founder and chairman of Lee Peck Media, said: “The fallout of having an email intercepted or a system hacked are huge. Some of the highest profile cyber attacks we’ve seen this year have started from phising emails. We’re looking forward to working alongside Beyond Encryption to make a real difference and help stamp out cyber crime.”