Yachting legend inspires Lee Peck Media clients

TheYachtmarket.com Southampton Boat Show

Legendary yachtsman Mike Golding OBE gave an inspirational insight into sailing singlehanded around the world to Lee Peck Media clients at TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show.

The PR agency was co-hosting an afternoon tea party with the show’s title sponsor against a backdrop of multi-million-pound luxury yachts, champagne tents and The Solent, regarded as one of the best sailing waters in the world.

Mike, one of the few yachtsmen to have raced round the world non-stop, held the solo record for sailing round the world westabout – the most challenging direction for circumnavigation – between 1994 and 2000.

In the informal surroundings of TheYachtMarket.com VIP suite, guests heard how he became an elite competitor in the toughest of sports, his views on coping with sleep deprivation and surviving in the Southern Oceans.

Clients also heard how TheYachtMarket.com, the Auto Trader of the boat world, signed up as title sponsor of the Southampton Boat Show this summer. The deal represents a significant investment for the company, which has ambitious growth plans including entry into new markets overseas.

The company brought Lee Peck Media on board to help maximise return on its sponsorship investment and guests at this week’s afternoon tea got to hear first-hand how that has been achieved.

Richard W. Roberts, founder and CEO of TheYachtMarket.com said: “Taking sponsorship of such a huge event isn’t a decision that’s taken lightly in business. We knew that signing up as sponsor was just the first step and we’ve been thrilled with the way Lee Peck Media has helped us maximise our profile at the event.”

Lee Peck, chairman of Lee Peck Media, added: “What better place to give our guests an insight into global yacht racing and sponsorship than at a world-class marine event, sponsored by one of our esteemed clients! TheYachtMarket.com has been forward-thinking with its marketing and it’s been terrific helping the company make the most of its investment.”

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