Agency delivers climate emergency message for UK energy efficiency leader

Lee Peck Media has underlined its own green credentials by delivering a hard-edged message for its client Ecolution Group, one of the UK’s leading energy efficiency specialists.

Pulling no punches, the agency has produced a brochure for Ecolution which talks about tackling the climate emergency before it’s too late.

Expertly researched and designed to create an impact, the publication sets out the threats and challenges facing the planet and how we can all play our part in providing a solution.

More specifically, it explains how the construction industry cannot afford to ignore the challenges of meeting the ever-evolving environmental legislation and the need to future-proof the industry by using expert advice and services. A number of case histories demonstrate how a range of organisations have risen to the challenge.

Ecolution’s Chief Executive Kevin Mouatt said: “However harsh it might seem, the consensus is that the world is facing a climate emergency and the UK’s Climate Change Committee (CCC) has said that to meet net-zero, the UK’s building stock needs to be nearly completely decarbonised by 2050.”

He added that action had to be taken now: “Before you commit to a specific path or plan ask yourself if your approach has energy efficiency at the front and centre of your thinking. The chances are it’s not.”

It was last November that the world turned its attention to the UK as it hosted the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow. The message from such luminaries as President Biden, Greta Thunberg and Boris Johnson was clear: time is running out to save the planet.

The brochure details the full range of Ecolution’s services, from installing, maintaining and monitoring solar PV and thermal systems; to harvesting rainwater; to installing ground source, air source and exhaust air heat pumps; to ventilation heat recovery and even EV (electric vehicle) charging stations.

For Lee Peck Media, working with such an important client in the energy efficiency sector underlines its commitment to the cause.

Lee Peck said: “Sustainability is now top of the agenda and we at Lee Peck Media have long understood the need to not just talk the talk on climate change and the challenges it creates but step up to the plate and take action.

“Working with Ecolution Group meant we were able to play an important role in helping them to get their message across in a bold yet digestible fashion.”


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