Agency tests itself on the international stage with Earthshot Prize

A remarkable story from our client, the University of Southampton gave Lee Peck Media the opportunity to test itself on the global stage.

A scientist from the University’s School of Ocean and Earth Science has played a key role in helping a UK-Omani company, which eliminates CO2 by turning it into rock, being named as the winner of the prestigious 2022 #earthshotprize  in the ‘Fix our Climate’ category.

Juerg Matter is a professor of Geoengineering and Carbon Management and sits on the scientific committee of winning company 44.01, which gets its name from the molecular mass of CO2.

Prince William, who founded the #earthshotprize in 2020, announced this year’s winners at a ceremony in Boston in the US, each of the winners receiving £1m.

Juerg said: “Removing CO2 from the atmosphere will be critical if we are to avoid the most disastrous effects of climate change, and we believe peridotite mineralisation can offer a safe, permanent cost-effective means of eliminating CO2 once it has been captured. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, and we look forward to working with Earthshot to scale our technology internationally.”

For Lee Peck Media, our task was to maximise coverage for the University as the story played out across the world’s media and enhance its reputation as a global leader in research and knowledge exchange. Monitoring events in the States, we had to get reaction from Juerg in Oman, where he was working, while securing interest from the regional media here in the #CentralSouth. Coping with different time zones and intermittent signals were all part of the challenge.

The man of the moment, Juerg played a blinder, and never missed a beat while he made himself available for interviews over Zoom as he traversed the deserts and mountains of Oman.

A huge thanks to our friends and colleagues in the media who supported us with terrific exposure. Here’s a selection:,