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The Pecks GoggleBox on Radio 4

It’s fair to say I’ve never been a great fan of GoggleBox. The thought of watching people commenting on what they themselves are watching on the telly somehow

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Fight fake news

We support the fight against Fake News

As an independent and well respected public relations agency we’re right behind the newspaper industry’s campaign to fight fake news. Its insidious practice is poisoning everything we read, see and hear. Ok, it’s a fact

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Why local newspapers need our support

As Local Newspaper Week gets underway Lee Peck puts forward the defence case for one of the underrated pillars of society… I guess you would expect nothing else from someone who trained as a journalist

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Were you fooled?

  Today you needed to tread lightly when out and about, you really cannot trust anyone or anything!  Here are some of our favourites. BMW’s baby boots The car company has invented xDrive Baby Boots designed to

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