Lee Peck Media here to support your business

As the pace of the COVID-19 crisis accelerates, it has never been more important for companies and organisations to have clear and open lines of communication with their various audiences.

Now more than ever, reassurance together with a measured approach are crucial in a situation which is changing minute by minute.

At Lee Peck Media, we have a vast range of experience honed over many years working alongside our clients to fully refine their messages aimed at preserving their reputation and maintaining the equilibrium of their business. Services we can help with include:

  • Producing and implementing communications strategies
  • Media relations programmes
  • Drafting emergency response messaging
  • Co-ordinating communications with teams and stakeholders, internally or externally
  • Drafting holding statements for websites or out of office emails

If you feel that you will benefit from any of the above, then please email Lee Peck at lee@www.leepeckmedia.com, which is monitored 24/7.   We would be  happy to hold an initial conversation on a complimentary basis.