Full-fibre broadband provider toob assigns agency

Full-fibre broadband provider toob has been working with Lee Peck Media to advise on its public relations strategy.

toob is on a mission to transform the South of England’s internet experience and is currently delivering Southampton’s fastest full-fibre broadband service, enabling homes, businesses and public services to experience life-changing hyperspeed connectivity.

toob plans to roll out its full-fibre network to more than a million premises across the South of England over the next 10 years and play an active role in helping the communities around the area to thrive.

Southampton is the first city to benefit from toob’s full-fibre network delivering download speeds 14x faster and upload speeds 64x faster than the UK average.

Nick Parbutt, toob founder and CEO, said: “We have already delivered world class connectivity to thousands of homes and businesses across the city. We have known of Lee Peck Media for some time: with its journalistic approach and high energy, the agency has an excellent reputation for getting its clients on the news agenda, which is exactly where we want to be.”

Lee Peck said: “I’m personally thrilled to be working with toob which is at the cutting edge of enhancing Southampton’s connection with the world. Our ambition is to ensure the toob is at the centre of the conversation when people are looking to upgrade their broadband.”