Hampshire IT company prioritises the mental health of its workforce

As the UK marks Blue Monday, what’s thought to be the bleakest day of the year, it’s reassuring to know that companies, like our client Aura Technology, are prioritising looking after mental health in the workplace.

Along with supporting the region with their IT needs, Hampshire-based Aura Technology are showing their support for the mental health of all of their employees. They give all staff a complimentary subscription to the popular well-being app Headspace, and have recently extended that to up to three of their friends and family members as well.

Committed to looking after its 100+ strong workforce, the Southampton IT services company is starting the new year positively. Aura provides all of the team with access to the well-known app, which offers mindfulness and meditation. Moreover, with the recent extension to the free subscription to cover a partner and family members, the company has quadrupled the number of people being able to access the Headspace app, to over 400.   

Aura Technology Managing Director Tim Walker said: “Now that we have Christmas out of the way, these dark and gloomy months can get even the best of us down. We must take time to promote wellbeing in the workplace and beyond. We have done so since the start of the pandemic in 2020 and will continue to do so.

“The Headspace app offers mindfulness tools to use in everyday life, and our staff have already reflected on how helpful it is. We therefore decided to extend the membership to our employees’ family members so everyone can benefit from it.”

Tim added: “At Aura, we always ensure we are proactive when delivering the best service to our customers, and we want to ensure we are looking after our staff as best we can, both physically and mentally.”

Steve Stokes, Operations Director, is one of the original founders of Aura, alongside Tim Walker. He said: “Aura is always trying to get ahead regarding its IT services, but we also do the same internally. We are dedicated to supporting our team, and this free subscription to Headspace is just one example. Our team members feedback that it is one of the things that make us a great place to work.”

The Headspace app provides mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement, and focus exercises.

Account Director at Lee Peck Media, Frankie Peck said: “It’s fantastic to work with companies like Aura, who are really prioritising their staffs wellbeing.

“Aura are not only streaks ahead when it comes to offering the latest software solutions and tech but also as an employer. Ensuring they offer not just extra incentives like the subscription to Headspace but flexible working and creating an environment where staff can flourish.”

Aura Technology has provided managed IT services to businesses across the UK for over 20 years, offering cutting-edge IT solutions to fit any business’s requirements.

For more information on careers with Aura, please visit www.auratechnology.com.