Support for business leader’s aim to raise £150,000 for Ukrainian refugees

A Southampton business leader has committed to walking and running the equivalent of the 1500 miles to Kyiv on Hampshire’s roads and pathways in a bid to raise £150,000 for Ukrainian refugees.

And Lee Peck Media is supporting the fundraiser by putting together the PR, media relations and communication strategy to ensure maximum publicity and impact.

Over the next few months, Tim Walker, the Managing Director of Southampton-based Aura Technology, will be covering at least 6 miles each day until the end of 2022 and his ‘arrival’ in Kyiv’s Independence Square – a location which will not be lost on supporters.

Tim has sought the help of Saints legend Francis Benali – himself famous for his extraordinary runs for charity – to give him tips on how to focus over such a long period.

Lee Peck, MD and founder of Lee Peck Media, said: “I am absolutely honoured to be able to help Tim and his team in getting their message across. We have all been stunned and saddened by the plight of our fellow citizens in Ukraine and like many many others we want to do contribute in whatever way we can.”

Travelling the virtual miles to Kyiv is intended to bring further awareness in the UK of the plight of the current war in Ukraine, including directly appealing to the business community in the South.

The goal is to raise sponsorship of each mile of at least £100 from local businesses and businesspeople, needing 1,500 businesses and individuals to contribute. All proceeds will go directly to UNICEF UK, who are specifically assisting child refugees in Europe at this time.

Tim Walker said: “When you consider what the people of Ukraine are currently going through – particularly the women and children – it beggars’ belief and I want to take action in some way to highlight the importance of raising some money to assist their cause.

“Over 2m people have gone from having normal lives, to being displaced in neighbouring countries, with absolutely nothing but the goodwill of those countries and the agencies working there.

“We have to act quickly, and the business community in the South is in prime position to help this cause. I am recovering from four years of knee injuries and surgeries, but feel this is such a huge humanitarian issue, that I will put myself through a fraction of what the Ukrainian population is dealing with, to ensure that I complete the 1,500-mile challenge well before the end of 2022.”

Tim added: “I would personally like to thank Lee for his pro bono support of the campaign, which has enabled us to achieve a lot in just a matter of a days, as we got ready for the launch.”

Francis Benali, former Southampton FC player, who himself has raised well over £1m for charity, attended the launch on 16th March to offer support.

Francis Benali said, “I can see the passion the Ukraine refugee crisis has stirred in Tim and I wish him well on his fundraising challenge. It is no mean feat for someone to run more than 6 miles per day for the rest of the year. To get to 1,500 miles requires focus and dedication to the cause, and I sincerely wish Tim the best on his journey, for what is a very worthwhile and urgent need. I am sure he’ll get the full backing of the region’s business community.”

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